5 Thought Leaders In The Automation Industry

June 1, 2022

We’ve taken a left turn today and rather than talk about technology and themes in the industry, we wanted to put the spotlight on some of the automation influencers from the tech space. They’re all working on brilliant things in 2022 and genuinely inspiring new ideas and helping to educate people on what can be tough topics to get to grips with. So without further delay let’s take a look at who they are.

Julie Bort

Truly tuned in to all things tech, Julie Bort is the Deputy Editor at Insider in their startup/venture capital team and she’s always got her finger on the pulse of the industry. Julie has written some brilliant focus pieces on the people behind the biggest tech brands and always provides great insight into the behind-the-scenes that we often don’t get to see.

She talks here about key trends between competitors, Amazon and Target, in the retail space and how they’re using talented people to get a competitive edge using technology.

Adrían Bridgwater

A Senior Contributor at Forbes, Adrían Bridgwater has been writing for over 20 years and self describes as an analyst, technology advocate, and content consultant. As programming’s narrow scope has expanded over the past few years he’s begun to focus on open source, data analytics, and intelligence, cloud computing as well as mobile devices and data management.

This great piece on Forbes’ site talks about optimization within the business and gives some real insight into how much of a subject matter expert Adrían is.

Larry Dignan

Larry Dignan is the Editor in Chief for Celonis, a company built on an advanced process mining solution that now employs over 2500 people and raised $1 billion in Series D Round funding. Suffice to say as a business they’re a true leader in the space and Larry, as the person responsible for every piece they publish, is truly in touch with automation and tech.

He helps put out some brilliant content including this guide to process mining, which if you’re happy to hand over your details, is a truly great piece of insight.

John Gallant

Another great automation influencer is a tech journalist and content strategist John Gallant. With experience working at Foundry, formerly IDG US Media, John now has a great eye for future tech trends.

John has recently turned his hand to cyber-security and a focus on data and it really shows, so check out some of his great work. This article roundups his work on CIO’s 5G roundtables.

Dana Gardner

In his own words, Dana Gardner is a content jockey and that doesn’t go far enough in describing just how much excellent work he produces. AI, cloud, and cybersecurity are hot topics that he does a fantastic job covering.

What Dana does a brilliant job of is linking great content from other producers so if you follow him you’ll get a depth of insight you’d struggle to find anywhere else. Here’s his own blog as well for an extra bonus.

Who Else?

We’ve covered just a few of the great automation influencers of today, are there other brilliant minds who cut their teeth on all things automation?

If you know some other great influencers get in touch and let us know who else to follow.

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