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About The e-Book

Working together with Automation Anywhere, PAteam has sat down with some of the brightest experts from this corner of the digital world and asked them to tell us all about how they see the automation sector evolving, how best to implement tech, the importance, and the future of RPA and digital transformation.

Automation isn’t new, but it is evolving, and the companies that want to be successful are seeing that it’s a hugely beneficial technology that can help support shifts in mindset and approach regarding wider digital transformation. Those businesses that can’t keep up with the rate of change are quickly being left behind. 

We believe that automation should be available to everyone and that removing time-intensive, repetitive work from people’s lives should be a goal that we all share. But you don’t just have to take our word for it, because today you can tap into the minds of five of the best automation experts on the face of the planet and find out how they see it.

Automation is about people, attitudes toward what technology is for,
and the ways in which we all work.