How Attended Automation Can Transform Your Contact Center

We’ve covered RPA in contact centers before, but today we’re looking into all things Attended Automation. That means, in the next few hundred words, you’ll find out what attendant automation is and how it can help your contact center.

Contact centers are often hectic places. With phones constantly ringing, and customers at the end of every line wanting help and answers – there’s a lot of pressure to deliver. People do a great job of connecting with people, but the systems that have historically been built to support them can’t keep pace with customer expectations in 2022. That’s where Attended Automation comes in.

What is Attended Automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates human actions, such as dragging and dropping files, clicking the mouse, or hitting keys on a keyboard in a quick, precise, and repeatable way. In contrast, Attended Automation provides employees with a “robot companion” (in the form of a piece of software) to support their work. The key difference between attended, and unattended automation is that the attended bot only works under the supervision of a human.

You can program certain activities that an attended bot will automatically perform when necessary using trigger events. A human employee picking up the phone or pressing a button on their screen could be this trigger, which then leads to an automated action from the bot.

What Can Attended Automation Do For Contact Centers?

An automated attendant’s duties could include gathering customer data from one platform and updating it automatically on another, or providing insight from previous calls with a customer to speed up a conversation. By combining Attended Automation with other technologies, such as Machine Learning and Speech Pattern Recognition, it’s possible for a bot to gauge someone’s mood from short responses before passing the call to a human operator.

These types of Attended Automations give a human employee more time and information to be able to concentrate on providing a personal service to customers in an environment where speed of interaction and resolution is often key. You can’t replace human connection, but you can augment it. By giving human operators more time and information, they can make better decisions at a higher pace.

These sorts of options can drastically cut down on ramp time, average handling time, boost data entry accuracy, and raise CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) ratings. In the contact center, Attended Automation has the potential to result in happier employees, happier clients, and ultimately, a healthier bottom line – really, should be the automatic choice.

Want to make your contact center the best it can be? You need Attended Automation, so speak to PAteam today.

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