Nice Guys Finish First

Nice Guys Finish First

January 24, 2022

While we do love spending a little bit of time talking about ourselves, that’s what this is all about right? We also love to shout out the brilliant tech and players in the industry. While we work with a lot of vendors, to be honest, one of our go-to vendors is NICE. Because of that, not that they need the press, we wanted to take some time to talk about why they’re often our vendor of choice.

NICE With a Capital N

We’ll do our best not to throw shade on any other of the big names in the industry because that’s not really our thing, this is all about why NICE is so…well…nice. Nice to collaborate with, and even nicer to recommend them as a great bunch and we can’t say enough good things about NICE – but we’ll give it a good go anyway.

School of Hard Knocks

If we can use a schoolyard analogy for a moment, NICE is like the slightly geeky kid overshadowed by the jock. Quiet, considered, and an all-around good guy, NICE is the one that blossoms a little later than the rest – and turns out to be quite the stud as he approaches middle age (!). Because they have such an approachable manner, it’s hard not to want to work with NICE. They echo and mimic the values many of us want to embody.

Be Yourself

Much of what makes them great is their culture. NICE is interested in developing relationships and although they typically work with big customers, they’re more than happy to work with anyone given the right opportunity. They know exactly what they can do but that at the same time they know they aren’t the best at everything.

A Done Deal

Agnosticism is a lie in tech. Under the hood, 90% of the work that is carried out is tailored to a particular platform. When we start a conversation with a client we focus on understanding what needs and problems they have before we ever look at solutions. The funny thing is it usually just ends up with us using NICE. They’re actually just that good.

Best of Both Worlds

We believe one of the reasons they have been so successful with big clients is that they have the certainty which comes with a business of their size but the soul of a smaller outfit. This is a rare thing and even rarer in the tech world. Some of the other big guys in the industry have huge sales departments. That stands at odds with our own approach and NICE reflects this in the way they work and that makes dealing with them and our own customers that much easier.

NICE wants to do their best but they don’t want to be anyone else. They offer a variety of technologies so they know if they provide the approach to support and create a relationship they will be able to be successful in the future. It’s the long game and one we’re more than happy to play with them. We offer open and honest conversations and that is what we love about NICE.

If you want a great expert to pair with a great vendor like NICE, look no further than PAteam.

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