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PAteam is your right partner for automation consultancy, passionate about your performance, security, and helping your business scale—with competitive pricing that supports your profit margins.

We provide a tailored automation solution, specifically customized for your business needs.

We enable your workforce to do great things through combining the power of their talent with intelligent automation.

Setup your successful automation journey with us and boost your business!

What counts as ‘good’ RPA? It’s actually really simple…

Take advantage of PAteam’s offerings:

Level up your processes and make your workforce smarter with intelligent automation.


We partner with you to understand your business processes and to develop an Automation Solutions Implementation Roadmap along with the creation of a Centre of Excellence (CoE).




We assist your business in adopting software bots, accelerators, and custom frameworks through the ability to equip robotic process automation (RPA) systems with advanced technologies.


Through the use of AI-based tools, we help you map your manual processes, identify the best automation solutions, and design best-in-class intelligent automation architecture.


We help you identify and acquire the right automation licenses most suitable for your business, and automation journey. We provide full transparency about the software you’re using.




Our expert team provides 24-hour monitoring of your automatons to ensure they are performing optimally. We also use advanced AI-based tools to identify extra automation opportunities further.


In addition to consulting on organization structure and practice, we offer technical RPA training courses and workshops, for: developers, admins, business analysts, managers for all skill levels.  


Our expert team is always on the spot and available to help. Whether you’d like to see how PAteam can make a difference to your company, explore a partnership, or become a PAteam ambassador yourself, please get in touch today.

What our clients say

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear it from our trusted clients.

If you want to avoid the countless pitfalls around building and supporting a stable and scalable RPA environment, partner with the PAteam. 

RPA Manager | Business Process Outsourcing

PAteam is FedEx’s long time trusted automation partner. Together we have established a very effective cooperation framework, which allows FedEx to benefit from PAteam’s automation development expertise and from their wide RPA architectural knowledge and understanding.  

IT Manager | FedEx Express Europe

Partnering with the PAteam to bring RPA to your company is like bringing in the Beatles to teach them Rock and Roll.

RPA Manager | Business Process Outsourcing