Attended RPA: Your Guide To… Anything!

The acceleration of digital adoption has allowed companies to cope during a global pandemic. We’ll do our best not to overly mention COVID, but its effect on digital practices is monumental.

We can already see that the companies who are going to bounce back are the ones embracing change and bringing the best tools to their teams. Attended RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is another tool in the Swiss Army software knife – so let us show you how it’s used and how much it could benefit you.

Hello Operator

Attended RPA is an assistant designed to work alongside employees augmenting their own ability. Like all RPA software, it can be used on a variety of tasks dependent on the requirements of the user. Primarily, attended RPA is designed to work best in areas such as contact and support centres, where agents take many calls and have very clear checklists of what they need to run through in each interaction with a caller.

An environment like a call centre is a perfect place for RPA as the tasks have typically been identified and broken down to their most granular level allowing managers to understand the time requirements of each activity. Also, most call centres have SLAs where they have to cover legal statements – think of insurance or banking. The tasks are typically repetitive and basic but if forgotten can cause issues for the business and customers down the line.

Difficulties of Distribution

But with the move to home working and teams becoming more and more distributed, you don’t always have a colleague you can lean across your desk and check something with or conversely a manager observing customer interactions.

That’s where attended RPA comes in. It can easily guide call handlers through the steps they need to take, reminding them along the way to ask this, or note that. It’s a supportive mechanism that helps quality interactions by ensuring the necessary parts of a call are covered while freeing up the agent to focus on the customer themselves.

Because offices have been broken up and staff have been confined to their homes, they are the ones who have shouldered the burden of technology. While people have proven adaptable in these difficult times you want to move forward by reducing your team’s learning curve with new technology and processes – a perfect job for attended RPA.

Right Here, Right Now

Rather than have a support desk, with a ticketing system and response time frames, you can dedicate some thought to each specific point of a task and develop a bot from that framework and then implement it. This can then serve all your staff, wherever and whenever they are, working alongside them without getting under their feet.

Attended RPA, as we’ve touched on, is one of many tools available within Automation. It forms part of modern digital strategies and as we’ve seen companies that can’t adapt and use the digital tools available to them don’t make it. If it’s something you want to know more about then get in touch and we can show you just how many possibilities RPA offers.

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