Frequently Asked Questions


What is NICE offering exactly?

NICE is making Robotic Process Automation (RPA) licenses freely accessible to any organization that wants to get started or expand its RPA footprint. Organizations who are new to NICE’s automation solutions are entitled to claim NICE RPA unattended licenses, absolutely free, without any commitment

How is this different from NICE’s existing ‘trial version’ offering?

These are two very different offerings. NICE’s trial version is:

  • A single license for self-learning, demo and trial purposes
  • Limited for 6-months usage, after which it ‘expires’
  • Does not require the enterprise/developer to commit or sign any contract with NICE
  • And it is NOT to be used for production purposes

Why is NICE making this offer now?

This year was a very challenging one for many businesses, with business leaders having to make some tough decisions to survive the new reality. As enterprises are under increased pressure to cut costs while keeping efficiencies high, NICE is there to help. Using RPA, your business will be able to achieve more with less. With this special offer, NICE is trying to make your decision to start or expand on your RPA journey, an easier one.

The new ‘free RPA licenses’ offer is:

  • An enterprise product, fully-featured and production-ready
  • Not limited in the number of licenses an enterprise can request
  • Requires that the enterprise signs a term contract with NICE and a professional services agreement with PAteam for installation purposes
  • First 2 years are free of charge, and the 3rd year onwards are a paid term engagement


How many free licenses can I order?

There is no limit to the number of free RPA licenses, so go ahead and order as many as you think you will need to get your business in top shape. You can always adapt your request later after you’ve discussed your operational plans with PAteam.

Who does this offer apply to?

The offer only applies to new customers of NICE’s process automation solutions (attended or unattended).

What happens after 2 years of using the product for free?

After 2 years of free usage, there will be an annual charge of $5,800 per robot.

What is my commitment here?

There is absolutely no commitment needed from your end. The free RPA licenses are yours to utilize and benefit from for 2 years. After that, you are entitled to keep using the licenses (for the annual term fee) or you can choose to discontinue the usage by sending a written notice to up to 90 days before the end of the 2nd year.

What type of RPA licenses will I get?

You will get NICE’s fully-featured, production-ready, and market-leading unattended RPA solution. NICE RPA’s unattended bots will automate your routine work, allowing your employees to achieve more

How long can I use these licenses?

The license is term-based, with the first 2 years being completely free of charge for you to enjoy and benefit from RPA across the business. From the 3rd year onwards there will be a fixed annual charge of $5,800 per robot.

What if I want to cancel the engagement during/after the 2 years?

No problem. You are not committed to anything but automating! You can cancel your engagement at any time, up to 90 days before the end of the 2nd year. Just give us a heads up by sending an email to


When will I get my free licenses?

As soon as you complete the online request form to claim your free licenses, NICE will start working to fulfill your order. As a first step, PAteam will reach out to you with an offer to implement the bots in your environment. Once PAteam gets in touch with you and you sign a working contract with them, NICE will send you the final order form to sign. You will then get the license key so that you can get started!

What should I do for product support?

NICE has got you covered. Their advanced support is included with the term license. And if you’d like to try some peer support, sign up for the NICE RPA community.  PAteam offers end-to-end delivery support that goes beyond consulting. PAteam envisions, designs, builds, scales and runs complex digital programs on behalf of our clients. 

Can I install the product myself?

The product can only be installed by PAteam. That way we know that things will run smoothly and that you will have the best experience with RPA.

What are the expected installation & implementation costs?

NICE wants you to get the best deal on your installation and implementation services. That’s why PAteam will get in touch with you, and based on scope and requirements, we will work to offer you the best possible price.

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1

Fill out the form listed below

Step 2

You will then be contacted by our certified professionals to discuss your implementation needs.

Step 3

Get your FREE enterprise-grade, production-ready RPA licenses and start automating!

Get free RPA licenses now!

Terms & Conditions

  • Free licenses are for NICE unattended RPA solutions only (standard license edition)
  • The licenses can be used free of charge for up to 2 years. In the 3rd year, the licenses can be purchased at $5,800 per robot per year
  • No commitment is required, and cancellations will be accepted at any time up to 3 months before the end of the 2nd year
  • The free licenses will only be provided following a signed agreement with PAteam
  • There is no limit to the number of free licenses requested
  • Additional robots can be ordered after the initial order at a cost
  • This offer only applies to new customers of NICE’s attended and unattended automation solutions
  • Read this FAQ for more information and answers to frequently asked questions