How To Show People The Opportunities In ‘Change’

Convincing people to buy into change is no mean feat. As you have probably experienced with your colleagues, friends, and likely yourself – change is the enemy. Or at least that’s how it’s perceived.

However, change gives us opportunities, especially in business. Change is all about harnessing potential and if you can’t see that potential, well, the change probably isn’t going to be very tempting.

To overcome this, we have to find ways to motivate people to adopt new things like robots and automation.

Trickle Down

Early adoption starts from the top. If you want people throughout a business to get onboard with change, you need to buy in from the top dogs. C-suite buy-in is one thing, but encouraging that top level to publicly back a technology is vital in rolling it out further into a business.

But once you’ve got that, then things can really start rolling. Testing comes next – and is a great way of giving people around the business a taste of things to come – steadily building further awareness of the product.

Training Day

Of course, being able to show people the benefits of change is ideal too. However, that can only be done by understanding which initiatives should be pushed through formal and informal training.

But education doesn’t have to be a ‘big deal’. It’s not just about giving people tuition on how to use technology. Casual discussion can work wonders too. These types of forums within your business give people the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback. It helps them engage with whatever technology you’re bringing in.

What’s In A Name?

Having your teams name a project can kickstart buy-in and introduce a bit of personality to what might otherwise be seen as a dry, corporate initiative. This is especially true if, for example, you’re building a bot to handle a process.

Adding a layer of humanity to the usually faceless automaton is a proven way of helping people engage with an idea. It helps them make connections. Once a connection is formed, build on it. Alexa, Siri, and erm, OK Google(?), are living proof. And we’re confident your teams will do better than Boaty McBoatface (!).

Onto a Winner

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, and this applies to introducing new ideas. If you can gamify the process of adopting a new technology, you’ll take the sting out of it for a lot of your people. Leaderboards, completion achievements, and awards, these are all great ways to encourage people to engage with a technology – often without realising they are doing it.

Automation, robots, AI, machine learning, all the tech we’re involved in that spikes the interest of the public is not there to replace people. We repeat – it is not there to replace people. They’re there to help everyone do better work.

We can all learn, grow, and do so much more if we embrace change. But often, finding some common ground with change is key to transformation.

If you want help showing people how great change can be – look no further. Contact PAteam now.

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