Intelligent Automation Will Drive Post-Pandemic Recovery

In the past year, both businesses and individuals have seen that the world hasn’t just returned to normal. The fallout from the pandemic means that getting back to where we were isn’t going to be quick or easy; but it does present us all with the opportunity to make things better than they’ve been before – an actual New Normal.

Workplace transformation post-Covid has seen organizations look to automation as a way to save costs and increase efficiencies. This was a fundamental requirement with employees distributed and with businesses lacking easy access to people. Companies everywhere have needed tools that run behind the scenes to keep them afloat. Having seen the benefits of intelligent automation this trend is set to continue with growth in intelligent automation to a predicted market value of over $15 billion by 2025.

Intelligent Automation Helps Businesses Meet Demand

Automation is a crucial part of many organizations and has proven itself as an innovative solution to many problems companies face as a result of workplace transformation, post-Covid. As inflation rises, and shortages of raw materials continue, making good decisions becomes more important than ever.

All of this pressure impacts customer demand. The extra market pressures on your customers will mean they try to get what they need from you quicker than ever. The only way to keep up with this demand is to put bots in place to increase capacity and deal with that demand more efficiently and at a scale beyond that of a human team.

Intelligent Automation Isn’t Just For Today

A lot of organizations jumped at the chance to put automation quick fixes in place that would help them cope with their workplace transformation post-Covid. While this was a great use of the technology – because developing Minimum Value Products, MVPs, in automation can often be done very quickly – it’s important that your business doesn’t lose sight of what automation can really do.

Beyond the low-hanging fruit of the here and now, automation and a culture built around it can be a strategic tool for your business and form part of a larger transformation into a truly cutting-edge business. Those quick wins that automation can deliver today often help pave the way for the long-term culture that promotes further innovation going forward.

Reimagine Your Business With Intelligent Automation

Truly intelligent automation will give you the opportunity to find new ways to work. That’s not just saving time by letting a bot take care of the mundane tasks you hate – intelligent automation can do so much more.

Intelligent automation can be built to find connections in processes and data within your business that you didn’t even know existed. By using technology to understand more about the environment you work in, you give yourself the greatest chance to improve it. This means that in the future bots won’t just give you more time to focus on adding value, they’ll actually provide you insight into how to do it.

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