Introducing Assisted Automation

As the automation industry continues to grow and evolve, we believe it’s time to reconsider the language we use to describe one of its key components. Tech buzzwords are thrown around with reckless abandon – but we want to seize a very specific term.

In fact, once we’re finished with this blog, we’re no longer going to use the term “attended automation”. From this day forward, it shall be called “assisted automation”. Here’s why.

Attended Automation: The Status Quo

Any automation that is designed to work alongside people (rather than replace them entirely) is usually called attended automation. It’s been created to build a more collaborative and integrated work environment, with human performance enhanced by the technology. We’re big fans of that concept… but not the name. ‘Attended’, to some, sounds like a less robust version of automation, and to others it means nothing at all – just another bit of jargon.

The Rebranding: Assisted Automation

Assisted is a far more accurate term to brand this breed of automation with. It focuses on the supportive nature of the technology, while also avoiding the sometimes negative connotations with the word ‘attended’. Remember, automation isn’t about replacing a person, it’s all about helping all people do better work – assisting them.

Why The Need For Change?

To start, clarity in technical jargon is long overdue in our industry (and many others). Using assisted automation as the go-to term from here on out will help to introduce new people to the technology in the clearest way. Easier to understand means easier to adopt. Also, ‘assisted’ just sounds nicer. People are going to be far less afraid of technology stealing their job if it’s positioned as a purely supportive tool.

‘Attended’ doesn’t really give us enough to work with. Is it the bot attending a problem? Is it a bot only working when a person is by its virtual side? That’s the problem with bad naming conventions: they don’t highlight the essence of something. If you’re trying to bring assisted automation into your business, the last thing you want to be doing is explaining the basics of it every time you start a new conversation with someone.

Here’s To A Helping Hand

Well, that’s it, we’re officially over the word ‘attended’ from…now. assisted automation is the future. It’s here to help, super useful across a host of applications – particularly in contact centers – and it’s only going to get more powerful. Get on the bandwagon and make assisted automation a part of your business, help your team work better, and deliver better results for your clients.

See the value of good names for great technology? assisted automation is everything you need and more, so start the journey today with PAteam.

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