Calculator - ROI

Robotic Automation - ROI

Core Assumptions
FTE Work hour/day 6 Cost Per Attrit 5000 FTE Working days/year 260 Attrition Rate 50
Error Rate 20 Number of Reporting Resources 14 Cost Of Error 5 % of Time Spent on Reporting 20
Employee Count Average Process Length (minutes)
Employee Cost Cost per Missed SLA (Annual)
Daily Instances Projected Deployment Timeline (Months)
Cost per Reporting Resource
Improvement Area

"Automate-able" Transaction Reduction

Error Reduction

SLA "Fine" Reduction

Attrition Rate Improvement

Reporting Efficiency Improvement

Fully Loaded Employee Cost : "Automate-able" Transaction Reduction : Attrition Rate Improvement :
"Automate-able" Work Reduction Total daily work minutes saved by the robots
Cost of a minute of work
Daily saving
Total Hard Dollar Savings
Error Reduction Total errors a day without NICE
Total errors a day with NICE
Daily saving
Total Hard Dollar Savings
SLA "Fine" Reduction

[Reducing Hard Costs Associated with Missed SLs, Compliance Issues, Regulatory Fees, Government Fines,…]

Annual Cost of SLA Issues without NICE
Annual Cost of SLA Issues with NICE Automation
Total Savings for SL Issue Reduction
Attrition Reduction

[Employees focus on more sophisticated tasks, Reduced Attrition Rates]

Total Attrits without NICE
Total Attrits with NICE
Total Avoided Attrits per Year
Total Hard Dollar Savings
Reporting Efficiencies (Mgmt / Analyst)

[Spend less Time Looking/collecting data]

Cost of Creating Reports Today
Cost of Creating Reports with NICE
Total Hard Dollar Savings
Total Project Benefits Hard Dollar Savings / Revenue
Professional Services* (Capitalized)
License Fees (Capitalized)
Maintenance (Expensed)
Value Added Services (Capitalized)
Training & Consulting (Expensed)
Internal IT & Support Fees (Capitalized)
Internal IT & Support Fees (Expensed)
Net Return
Cumulative Return:
NPV (11.5% Hurdle Rate)