Use Cases


Use Case: Renting a New Device process


World’s 6th largest Telco provider:

  • Operates in 24 countries
  • Serves 300 million customers globally


Reduce operating costs and increase customer satisfaction by improving processes’ quality, reducing delays & eliminating mistakes


  • Employed over 100 Robots for executing and monitoring 23 back office processes
  • Examples of automated processes:
    • Passing customers from individual products to packages
    • Renting a new device
  • 24/7 availability with easy scale up if needed


  • Saved the equivalent of €3M annually
  • Increased overall customer satisfaction
  • Reduced handle time in upselling packages from 42 to 19 days
  • Reduced handle time in the process to rent a new device from 20 to 4 minutes (80%)
  • Ensured zero errors during automated processes