Efficiency & How We See It

Businesses want work to be done well, to be done quickly, and to be done cheaply. We can all relate to these drivers from our own businesses as well as what we want to as consumers.

To be able to achieve that, we need people to understand, evaluate, and improve upon what we already do. To increase quality, get faster, and reduce cost you first need human intervention. Today we’re talking all about efficiency and how RPA supports people in getting there.

Don’t Get Stale

We’ve touched on it before and we can’t escape it in this blog either – people don’t like repetitive work. The way repetitive work is approached only ends in lower quality. Because people resent it, they often rush through it or don’t pay enough attention. Fundamentally it bores them. As humans we’re already prone to error and repetitive tasks just shine a light on that.

If people are bored they aren’t happy. This means the other work they do is going to be impacted by the negative feelings that spill over from the monotonous tasks. Also, they’ll take these negative feelings outside of work and think less positively about their job when they’re at home. This can lead to a drop in staff retention as staff get more frustrated by the day in day out labour intensive tasks.

Milk It

So where does efficiency come in? Well, let’s take a big side step and look at agriculture and how automation has helped that industry and given workers the chance to add more value. In dairy farming, cows have to be milked 3 or 4 times per day. Until machines were introduced this was all done by hand which took a huge amount of people and time and was extremely repetitive.

Now though, with machines in place, dairy farmers can oversee the work the machines do and look to find improvements in how they are operating. They are able to take their knowledge and experience and leverage the time savings from the machines to further optimise the milking process. Better, faster, cheaper.

All Aboard

A really interesting example of efficiency through understanding is how physicists from Fermilab Center for Particle Astrophysics found the most efficient way to board a plane. Now this is interesting from an efficiency standpoint, but what potentially is more valuable is that when you provide people with a system to be more efficient they feel like their time is being valued. Usually, finding the most efficient system at the expense of convenience is the wrong approach. It has to be usable and seen to be useful.

At PAteam looking for efficiency is exactly what we do. But we also know that no one likes the party planner with absolutely everything arranged to the exact minute. We combine the efficiency that we can find for your business with the convenience of flexible RPA which gives your team more time to give back more value.

Want more efficiency at your fingertips? Get in touch today.

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