How Automation is Shaping the Future of Logistics

Logistics firms are struggling to cope with the demands of the market when there are so many challenges globally in the industry. If that sounds like your logistics operation then read on – logistics automation is here to help.

What is logistics automation?

Logistics automation, much like business automation, is the use of control systems and software to reduce or remove the need for human intervention in a task or process. In a logistics setting that could be printing despatch notes, updating tracking information for customers, or having robots assemble packed kits ready for delivery. The possibilities for logistics automation are endless.

Big Challenges and Opportunities

Automation is spreading in logistics at a key time for the industry. In fact, automation is uniquely positioned to deal with several of the challenges the sector faces.

Changes in the way we shop has created greater demands on the logistics industry. Deliveries need to be faster, cheaper, and more reliable. All of these benefits can be drawn from good automation and so the need for this technology is growing. Yes, there are challenges that face the industry, but there is an opportunity to solve them with logistics automation.

The Great Resignation

The move to remote work and the gig economy experienced in the US is now happening in Europe too – leaving many empty roles. Recently, the UK had in excess of 1 million job vacancies. This lack of a workforce is a great thing for automation as it’s driving adoption. Bots can take on the tasks people aren’t willing to do and keep logistics operations running smoothly. If you’re struggling to fill your vacancies then ask yourself – could a bot do this?

Trade Challenges

With Brexit, we’ve seen that countries can leave the EU, but this does result in a very complicated import/export system. In more recent times, sanctions on countries affect the way that cross-border goods movements happen. Rather than have people scramble to manually create commercial invoices or pre-calculate new duties – a bot can be put together to take that headache away.

Cost of Doing Business

Rising inflation and hikes in commodity prices mean that businesses are looking to shave costs wherever they can. They might not be able to affect the price of raw materials so they’re going to pressure you to help them out. You’re already contending with climbing fuel prices – so what can you do? Well, automating parts of your business can bring cost savings and these can be passed on to your customers while you reap the benefits of scalability and error reduction.

We’ve helped a transport company by taking their 6-8 week refund claiming SLA down to 2-3 hours and with 0 errors. That right there is the potential of RPA in a logistics setting. Take the claims seriously, the benefits are available to you too. Logistics automation can transform how you deliver and help your business succeed while others struggle.

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