Top 5 Automation Trends in 2022

People are starting to wake up to the power of automation. The clever cats over at Gartner have made a list of the top tech trends for 2022 – and, unsurprisingly, it includes hyper-automation. To be precise, they predict that by 2024, organizations will lower operational costs by 30% simply by combining hyper-automation technologies with redesigned operational processes.

While hyper-automation is a specific area in the broader field of automation, the impact of that prediction cannot be understated. Imagine if you could save 30% of your operating costs. Future automation is almost here – are you ready for it? In case you aren’t, here are the top 5 future automation trends of 2022.

Semantic Automation

Semantic automation is a move away from rule-based approaches where developers tell bots what to do in a step-by-step way. Instead, the bots are able to observe a task and begin to emulate it. This emulation includes the action itself, the data required, and where the data is to be sent. The bots will then start to do the heavy lifting on their own. This really is the next step in accessible machine intelligence.

Automated Process Discovery

You need to know that understanding processes comes before automating anything. Once you know what you’re doing – you can make it better. Automated process discovery offers huge potential for your business. A bot can watch your people interact with your systems, which can be office suite, ERP, CRM – everything. It can then bring all those data points together to find processes you might not even know about that can then be automated.

Process Intelligence

Adding data and further machine intelligence to your organization will be a key part of the future. Bots won’t only be able to work with less supervision, they’ll also do a better job of reporting on the quality of your processes. Small changes in the way your business works create ripples throughout your departments. Being able to see that impact in real-time will help you keep your processes healthy.

Automation’s C-suite Champions

In 2022 CSOs and CIOs everywhere will fuse their powers of sustainability and information by using automation to create more sustainable IT. Automation saves time and money and these things can be invested back into our world and the people on it. Whether it’s cutting down on processing time and therefore power requirements or creating additional tech jobs for the underserved – future automation is the catalyst.

Human-Digital Workforce

The future of automation isn’t just reserved for behind-the-scenes processing improvements. It’s going to directly help HR teams everywhere meet employees where they are. Whether it’s automating new starter onboarding or driving social engagement between distributed teams – management of the digital workforce will rely on automation. Your people are going to become used to working with bots and begin to really value how much time they give them back.

Your 2022

So that’s what we see as some of the major future automation that will impact us all this year. But what are you going to do? If automation isn’t already a part of your business, can you afford to miss out on it?

Whatever type of automation you want to pursue – we can help. Get in touch with PAteam today!

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