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Automation journeys which fail normally do so because of a lack of understanding – so let us help you. With the brilliant folks over at NICE we’ve written a whitepaper – ‘RPA Reality Check’. It gives you all the info you need to get started with RPA. We wanted the material to give you simple, straightforward answers which will help you avoid the mistakes we’ve seen other companies make.

Get Out What You Put In

Not only is it a great piece that condenses the core ideas of RPA deployment into an easy format, it also suggests some best practices that you can take into your own business. One notable suggestion is the idea of walking before running. Too often we see companies throw money, time, and energy at RPA hoping for results – without really having prepared for it in any way.

RPA does require investment but with the right planning you can generate fantastic ROI. We recently wrote a piece on ROI, and if you really want to get into the nitty gritty we’ve even made a calculator that you can apply to your own business.

Riding Shotgun

All of these resources are great and we regularly get positive feedback on them from clients. But most, once they’ve read the material, want to get started for real. That’s where they need a partner – to guide them on their journey.

We never tell our clients which way to go, we just help them find the best way to get there. We never suggest how much a client should or shouldn’t spend, we just help them predict their return on investment. Most importantly, we don’t encourage chargeable revisits or high consulting fees. We stay with them at every stage until implementation is right.

Picture of Health

All this starts with our free health check. We find out where a company wants to get to and identify how RPA can be applied to their current processes. To do this we benchmark them against the other clients we have worked with to show where they are right now.

By keeping as much of RPA in-house as possible customers also benefit from bridging the normally separate camps of business leadership and IT.

Ultimately, deploying RPA in your business requires careful planning. The work you do before implementation is going to have the greatest impact on the whole journey. The whitepaper is ready for you to read whenever you like, but once you’ve taken the key points from that you may want to take the next step.

That’s where we come in, as your guide we’ll help you get where you want to go, so reach out to us today. Also for small questions, don’t hesitate to call or reach out to us on LinkedIn.

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