The 5 Best Automation Podcasts in 2022

June 8, 2022

Podcasting is a big deal – and with over $700 million in ad revenue kicking about it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Because of podcasting’s popularity, we’re seeing more and more specialist shows that are built around educating audiences on niche topics.

We’re very thankful to say that this includes automation and so we’ve put together our top 5 automation podcasts that you should definitely check out. Let’s dive in!

Get Automated

Kelsey Bratcher, aptly nicknamed “The King” by some of his former colleagues at Infusionsoft, has worked on automation in almost every business type and has seen how much it can impact businesses in a really positive way.

His experience speaks for itself and he has built his podcast around 3 core concepts, Understand Automation, Apply Automation, and Automate Everything. His belief is that he can help educate on the fundamentals of automation, show how people can implement it, and then use that knowledge to spread it throughout their business.

Better Automation

Only a few months old, this automation podcast is produced by Procesio – which provides its own productivity tool to help teams manage processes. They’re experts in the space and their podcast brings other experts on to share the very best ideas for using automation to improve business processes.

Already on episode 27, at the time of writing, there’s already a wealth of information available and experts from every tech under the sun if you are looking for specific advice and guidance.

The Automation Mastery Podcast

Now in its second season, The Automation Mastery Podcast is presented by Justin Morgan and seeks to give direct business advice on implementing automation into every corner of your business. Justin takes on topics like outsourcing and hiring, while also looking at industry trends.

If you aren’t sure which episode to try first we recommend ‘Easiest Way To Send a Handwritten Note’ which features the founder of – David Wachs.


Hosted by David Sparks and Rosemary Orchard, Automators is a podcast that brings a simple message – automation makes your life easier, everyone can do it, and we’ll show you how. With over 100 episodes now in the bag, the podcast features a wide variety of guest speakers and that means you’ll learn a lot about automation as well as new industries.

Behind the podcast is a forum where fans of the show can hang out and trade information about a host of different automation applications and it’s a valuable stock of information to go alongside the podcast.

Smart Buildings Academy Podcast

Formerly Buildings Automation Monthly, the Smart Buildings Academy Podcast has the biggest back catalog on our list with over 330 episodes to listen to. That means if you want to learn all about building automation then you’re in the right place.

Phil Zito is the founder and CEO of Smart Buildings Academy and he’s created the podcast as a way to help technicians, operators, salespeople, and engineers find out more about building automation.

Any More?

We only have so much time and space to cover great podcasts and while we picked some great ones we know we’ve only scratched the surface. Do you have a favorite that we’ve missed?

Got any other great automation podcasts we should know about? Get in touch today.

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