The Importance of Automation Transparency and Authenticity

Some of the best ways to improve customer experience are actually very simple. Offering your clients an authentic experience, as well as transparency and honesty in how you operate, can go a long way in winning them over. But if it’s so simple, why doesn’t everyone do it?

Without getting preachy, we’re very big on transparency and honesty in the ways that we operate, not only in our business but in the technology that we’re really passionate about – including RPA. Let’s show you how you can make your customer experience top-notch.

What Are Authenticity And Transparency In Customer Experience?

Being honest and transparent when discussing your ideas and beliefs with customers is considered a positive strategy for managing the customer experience.

In reality, although this approach can be planned and accounted for, really, it’s just a genuine way of interacting – where your customer understands what you mean, what you want to deliver, and how you want to work: nothing more than that. This style of communication, if backed up by your actions, very quickly builds trust and understanding.

How Can RPA Help With Customer Experience?

Just quickly, here is the difference between the two key types of automation – attended and unattended. Attended bots require activation by people, whereas unattended bots run on a predetermined schedule without human input. It’s a simple distinction, but nonetheless, an important one.

Automation transparency is an important design philosophy that states that the roles, capabilities, objectives, activities, and impacts of automation should be directly viewable through an interface that humans can understand. If you can nail this, every single one of your customers will have a better time working with your bots.

If you develop automation in your business – either for internal processes or customer-facing systems – everyone who encounters those bots needs to understand why they’re there. People are naturally distrustful of robots because they often work in ways that people can’t intuitively understand.

It’s difficult for employees to leave a task they have potentially done for years and let a robot take over without any direct oversight. The same goes for a customer who is talking to a chatbot on a website – they don’t believe that the bot can offer them what a human can.

But that’s just it – bots can’t offer the things that people can; they aren’t built for it. That’s why being transparent about why RPA is in place is so important.

Let your customers know that their first encounter with a bot is just to improve the speed their account handler can access information. Or, if you’re convincing your staff about a new bot, tell them it’s there to help cut down on time spent on boring tasks and that that will save the business money.

Be honest about the fact a robot isn’t going to replace a person, and nor should it.

Where Does PAteam Fit Into All This?

At PAteam, transparency starts with setting expectations. That’s the expectations of us as a product and service provider, but also of the products and services themselves.

We set up systems of communication with all our clients so that they always know how to get in contact with us on anything they want to talk about – just check out some of the companies we’ve helped.

Ultimately we’re all human, so if you make mistakes be open about it – we certainly will be.

How Is Disclosing Product Information Managed?

Again, start with an honest and transparent approach. There may be specific rules governing how you can talk about your product or service, but providing these boxes are ticked, just approach every conversation you have with customers, new and old, in a way that promotes honest discussion and feedback – it really is that simple.

Want to improve your customer experience? PAteam can help. Contact us today.

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