Why Planning Is Everything, But Plans Are Nothing

We live in a world where so many businesses, and ultimately people’s lives, sometimes depend on nothing more than a single line of code.

With the recent Log4Shell vulnerability sending large corporations everywhere into a spiral we thought today we would talk about the importance of business continuity and how having systems that are adaptive is your best bet.

Hold The Line

As we saw huge corporations dedicate their massive IT teams to defend against L4S, it was clear that even with great business continuity plans, without agility and teams made up of people ready to fight the good fight with great tools, those same companies won’t be ready next time. In IT things are taken for granted, so without question, there will be another part of some code that is susceptible to attack – to think differently is naive.

We Got This

When the Log4Shell vulnerability was first discovered, we had to quickly jump into action. From our customers’ perspective, the scariest thing for them was having software from vendors which might compromise not only their automation but also other aspects of their business. Thankfully,  because we work with a wide range of clients we were able to quickly liaise with the big vendors to ensure that everything was covered.

Not a Simple Switch

However,  fear surrounding stopping automation has developed – because it is now so ingrained in so many companies that it can’t simply be ‘shut down’. Many companies use automation to record and monitor security and compliance; so turning the bot off means potentially breaching internal policy or worse – wider industry regulations.

Paper Over the Cracks

Not so long ago. The idea of filling out an IT security verification form before working with a new customer was nothing more than a paperwork exercise. But now, security breaches can be so quickly and effectively leveraged that having the backup of good IT security in place is quite literally critical.

The Right Approach

We all need agility and mobility within our businesses. We need creative and smart people to help build and maintain our business. RPA is excellent for this as it can be turned around quickly and a working solution can be built and deployed rapidly. We need tools that can deal with things we cannot plan for and anything which can turn on a dime to counter threats is going to help.

There is real value in strong contingency plans and being prepared for the worst but if the pandemic we’ve been gripped by, or zero-day exploits are anything to go by, we can’t be prepared for everything. Better than great planning, is having teams and tools in place that can adapt and overcome new challenges and become all the better for it.

We’re ready for all things RPA, so if you want to find out more, contact PAteam today.

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