UNAttended automation

A set of truly attended automation can increase productivity by 20%, and is an virtual assistant is working with the agents, making them more efficient and effective.

Happy Robots?

The robots as we all know them, happily working away all day and night. Although, it depends on how your developer builds it of course, sometimes we see developers or even service providers building automations and configuring a platform in such way that one automation can run on that machine, often even just running once a day or once a week, wasting precious resources. Though used properly, your own personal robot army can grow, implementations go as large as thousands of robots, and just like with employees, these digital workers will need some love once in a while, although they probably are not going to ask you for a toilet break. Planning, Managing and Running large deployments requires structure and discipline, throughout the growth of your automation journey you may see different phases, where in the beginning the chaos of a start-up like way of running works, getting done quickly, and when scaled up, the full enterprise package kicks in.