Founded in 2005 in Bucharest, UiPath started with outsourcing automation libraries and software. Rebranded in 2015 as RPA, transformed into a company with the believe that every person should have a robot.

Your Automation Journey

UiPath has a strong push for ‘Citizen Developers’, striving for Automation becoming as normal as macro’s with excel. Named one of the fastest growing technology companies, UiPath heavily invests in spreading the story of RPA and ease of implementation. Both through own development as well as acquisition of interesting companies UiPath rapidly adds additional capabilities to move more into the hyper automation space.

Core Capabilities

  • Task/Process Mining
  • Different development tools for different types of users
  • (limited) Attended Desktop Automation
  • Robotic Process Automation 
  • Tenant based



  • Large community
  • Platform supporting the full automation lifecycle
  • Citizen Development with StudioX
  • Based on Microsoft Workflow Framework