Tying Things Together: The Joy Of Designing Robots

So your business has identified a process which is repetitive and would benefit from RPA… that’s fantastic and you’ve got our attention! But do you know how you’re going to put it in place?

Structure isn’t a very sexy word, but without it, your bot isn’t going to get very far. Even if you understand how your business works, how are you going to get that across to a developer who doesn’t know your business?

A solutions architect is a handy fix to this problem so if you want to know more then read on.

Mind The Gap

We’ve looked before at the disconnects between business leaders, their goals, and their IT team. This is true as well in the relationship between business leaders and external developers but for slightly different reasons.

The internal party – the business leaders – know their business inside out but often don’t understand the technology they want to employ, and vice versa for the external developer. This lack of common knowledge leads to misunderstanding, which in turns stumbles into poor development.

Documentation plays a key part in communicating the vision of an RPA development. A good process design document is going to allow a business to define every step of a process and give context to the developer to automate those steps.

Unfortunately, more often than not we see developers who have little to no experience in business and so even with a well written document they can’t always run with it.

Feathers In The Cap

With a solutions architect you have an individual or team who is well versed in business and the needs and common pain points of a company. At the same time, they also have the technical knowledge needed to see a business through the lens of a developer. This combination of skills creates someone who can skate between the two camps – who understands what is required as well as how to achieve it.

Now, we would love to work with you on your RPA and bot development but we understand that you might have someone in mind already who you trust as a developer. That doesn’t mean we can’t help you. Our team is built from solutions architects who have the backing of experienced developers. In this way you can use us as a middle ground between you and your nominated developer.

Together We’re Better

All of this is on offer because we’re in it for the long haul. We want to start partnerships off in a way where we immediately demonstrate our value. Often, we provide this sort of advice at the beginning of a relationship as a way of developing trust with new partners and by and large it comes with no cost. Again, we aren’t interested in dumping RPA into your business and then never answering the phone – we want to help.

It might sound trivial but without asking the basic questions about a process you can’t develop effective RPA. It’s a false economy to rush into this technology without understanding exactly what you want to do with it. We’re here to help you get on track wherever you are on your journey, so get in touch with us today.

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